Fredda Tone is a New York City-based

fine artist, photographer, teacher, and actress.

With a BFA and Masters in Arts Education from University of Bridgeport, Fredda taught art in the public school system for 25 years. During this time, she personally focused on black and white photography, eventually leading to a handful of solo shows in NYC. With the advent of digital photography, Fredda was drawn to a more hands-on craft, so she began working with colored pencil, delving into a new creative outlet. As a quirky eccentric, Fredda had no fear in reinventing herself as an artist.

Her visual art reflects the way she sees the world - with color, shape and contrast. Illustrations with pencil was her main medium until 2018 when Fredda masterfully picked up a paint brush. 

Today, Fredda vibrantly thrives in the West Village, focusing her time towards painting and sketching, accompanied by her talkative and charming parrot, Jezebel! Currently producing her own work, she is also accepting commission-based drawings and paintings.

Fredda's history in creative pop culture and entertainment gives her an innovative insight on modern day. Her span of performance and production ranges from stage to screen (ex: Rocky Horror Picture Show NYC Live Cast, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Off-Broadway productions etc.)


Fredda's most iconic credit was her reoccurring role in Sex and the City, appearing over 30 times. The involvement in the entertainment and arts industry contributed to her perspective on 1980 - 1990's Manhattan pop culture. 

NYC has always been her playground for creative innovation, underpinning her artwork and point of view today. Fredda's book, Did That Already: Express Memoirs of a Local Girl  was published in 2019, sharing her wild experiences to personal demons. From  Rocky Horror, disco, David Hockney, to Madonna, heartbreak, and cookies, her story is that of a true Village visionary.


"Fredda in print is like Fredda in person.

Her creative energy dances off the page."

- Barbara Jaye Wilson, Artist and Author 

Needless to say, Fredda's artistic vision is one-of-a-kind. 

Art of Fredda Tone © 2019 | New York, NY | | @freddwig