Q: How did you get into photography?

FREDDA: "I’ve been taking pictures since the 70’s when I went for my master’s in art. Back then I was using a Pentax Spotmatic F and developing and printing my own photos, spending days at a time without coming out of my darkroom!"

Q: What was your focus during that time?


FREDDA: "Black and white was my medium and the world was my subject matter. I had a couple of solo shows in Soho, NYC and continued loving what I was doing until I moved into Manhattan. Good bye darkroom, if you get my drift. Not wanting to turn my work over to a lab to be processed, I took a little hiatus from photography."

Q: How has your photography work changed?

FREDDA: "Skip to the digital era - back to work! Now I focus mostly on florals. I enhanced my flowers to feature what attracts me the most---shape and color, sometimes producing abstract effects. I’ve expanded my subject matter to include NY city scenes, the shore at Long Branch, NJ, Florida, trees, etc."


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